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VYBE RADIO is a Saint Lucian company founded by Kwency Griffith, Winn Griffith and Elijah Williams which develops and distributes radio programming produced by the business to customers in its target market. The owners of the Company are highly experienced in Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Management having all previously served in these roles with local radio stations where they successfully managed their individual portfolios aimed at increasing and retaining listenership, driving customer demand, maximizing product and the company’s visibility, thereby increasing profits.

Vybe Radio’s primary targets are young music aficionados and innovators, professionals, and information seekers. In order to ensure success within these groups, the Company has as its Mission:

  • To provide high quality, entertaining and informative local radio programming to all listeners
  • To provide the highest quality marketing solutions, results and customer service for our advertisers
  • To provide a professional and goal-oriented working environment for our employees to encourage their growth as community and broadcasting leaders
  • To be ambassadors of goodwill in the market we serve by promoting its social and economic growth and development

The Company’s head office is at Bois d’Orange, Gros Islet in the American Drywall (Tile World) Building with an initial staff complement of six and the station operates 7 days a week with structured announcer shifts, Monday to Saturday, as follows:

  1. 6am to 10am
  2. 10am to 2pm
  3. 2pm to 6pm
  4. 6pm to 10pm

Sundays are free flowing.


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